Company history

We have been in the market for more than ten years, we had worked with variety of sectors, serving them with total solutions of high quality Insulation materials and cladding work, we served our clients with high level of technical support on how to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of systems.

What we do?

As we are specialized in thermal and acoustical insulation materials for civil and mechanical insulations, by providing a unique range of advanced materials from reliable international and regional suppliers, in parallel with consulting level for technical support. Also we provide cladding work.
After studying the case, we can offer different systems for different applications that can assure the optimum result.

Business Development

This department processes develop and drive market analysis, Sales and marketing activities in the company, by which we expand and invest in potential areas in the business. Our “day to day” activities assure exploring new opportunities in the market and force the efforts towards that area.

We have a strong sales team that is “up to date” for the new projects in Saudi Arabia market and GCC’s, supported with strong network with market.

Sales process includes two main approaches of work, the skills of Sales Engineers and the technical knowledge they have about the products they sell, as it is one of our values at the company, that we need both to success.

By these means we have made a good image of professionalism and efficiency in serving the market, and our projects can reflect that.

Mission Statement

Investing in knowledge as our main asset, taking the market for higher standards that ensure the best market norms.