Fixed Asset Management

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If you’re looking for tailored solutions to cater to the needs of your property, check out our brands in access control which are best known for their ability to Make sure that people, equipment, and information remain safe.

When it comes to keeping your business and employees secure, facility access control is the most efficient way to prevent unauthorized visitors, restrict certain employees from accessing sensitive areas, and manage your employees’ access.

security access systems can help you to keep outside intruders from gaining access to rooms and buildings with valuable office devices and confidential information.

Face Recognition Terminals

For quick and reliable ID verification – even under difficult lighting conditions – Masera does it all! Masera deep-learning-empowered face recognition terminals set a new standard in access control.

Fingerprint & RFID with code

These standalone terminals integrate the latest fingerprint algorithms& Silk-ID technology that can read wet, dry, and rough fingerprints while supporting multiple verification methods, including ID cards and PIN codes.

Palm Recognition

Palm Vein Time Attendance & Access control system with advanced Touchscreen & Multimedia interface. Our Palm vein technology offers cutting-edge palm vein systems for a wide range of applications like Patient identification, Palm vein readers for desktops with the software development kit.